Hi, my name is Edwin van Wijk. I am married and have 1 teenage son. I live in the east side of The Netherlands.

Ever since I received my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in 1999, I have been working in IT. I started out as an engineer and gained more and more interest in software architecture over time. Currently, I’m working as principal solution architect and Microsoft community lead at Info Support – an IT consulting company in The Netherlands

I’ve had the privilege of working for several of our customers – primarily in the financial sector – such as: ABN AMRO, FMO, Binck/Saxo, ING, ALFAM, PGGM, PGB, KAS Bank, Rabobank.

I help these organizations with implementing new systems or modernizing existing systems. My focus is mainly on solution- / software-architecture both on-premises as in the cloud (primarily Microsoft Azure). I believe a solution architect needs to be up-to-speed with regards to new concepts and technology, so I try to keep up with (and evaluate) the latest developments. When leading teams, I’m able to see the big picture, but also can help the team hands-on because I keep my programming skills up-to-date (primarily on the Microsoft stack).

My primary areas of expertise are: distributed systems (microservices), systems integration, (cloud-native) software architecture and patterns, messaging patterns, software craftsmanship, infra-as-code, containerization, cloud and DevOps.

Some of the technologies I have experience with (some on expert level) are: .NET (Core), ASP.NET (Core), Docker, Kubernetes, Istio, Sql Server, CosmosDB, RabbitMQ, NATS, Azure API Management / Virtual Networking / Service Bus / Event Hub / Kubernetes Services / Container Instances / AD / Logic Apps / Functions / DevOps / App Services, Linux, Windows.

Because I believe that sharing knowledge is important, I often speak publicly about these subjects on meetups and conferences in different countries and contribute to open source projects regularly. On the Public Speaking page, you can see an overview of presentations I have given on different events (including some recordings). On the Open-source projects page you can find an overview of open-source projects I maintain on Github. I also like to write about tech. The Writing page show an overview of my writing activities. 

I am initiator, co-host and editor of dotnetFlix, a video channel for software engineers.

I am very proud of the fact that my activities in the community have been awarded by Microsoft with an MVP award (Developer Technologies) every year since 2016.